1. How to Report a Power Outage?
  2. To report a power outage please contact our customer service hotline at 705-431-4321, our phone lines are monitored 24/7

  3. What if I have information about cause of the outage?
  4. If you have information to report concerning the cause or location of an outage such as vehicle collision with the poles or transformers, please report this outage and leave information about the cause of the outage in a message. Our Phone lines monitor 24/7: Call 705-431-4321 It is Important to note for any life-threatening situation you must call 911.Emergency services have direct lines of contact to InnPower and contact us if our assistance is required.

  5. In case of outage what I can find on the outage map?
  6. In case of outage you can find the information below: 1- You are able to see any outages with more that 3 customers on the map, for single customer map wont create outage. 2- Case No. 3- Cause of the outage 4- Start Time 5- Customers Affected 6- Est. Time of Restoration 7- Message for Public

  7. What can I do during a power outage?
  8. First, find out if the outage is just in your home, or in the whole neighborhood. If it's just your home: Turn off or disconnect all major appliances. Check the circuit breakers or fuse box. If the breakers have tripped off or fuses have blown, you may have overloaded the circuit. Reset the breaker or replace the fuse. If it trips off again, you will need to find the problem. If you are not sure what to do, call a qualified electrician for help. If the power is out in the neighborhood: Switch off and unplug larger appliances. This could prevent injury, fire or damage should a sudden power surge happen when power comes back on. Leave one light switch on so you know when the power comes back on. Keep a battery powered radio handy to get updates on what is happening. Keep your fridge and freezer doors closed as much as possible. Most food will keep from 24 to 48 hours. Never touch downed wires or low hanging wires. Telephone or cable television wires that touch a power line can be deadly. Stay at least 10 meters away from downed power lines and in an emergency call 911. Never try to make your own electrical repairs to InnPower equipment. Let our dedicated and highly trained crews do the work. Never pull tree limbs off power lines. Never walk into areas where crews are at work. If you are driving near work crews, obey road signs and proceed cautiously. Never use water on electrical equipment or wires. Use a dry chemical fire extinguisher. Never use a portable generator indoors, including inside a garage or other enclosed or partially closed area as it could cause Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Visit <http://www.esasafe.com/consumers/storm-safety/before-a-storm> for tips on how to prepare for a storm, what to do during a storm and after a storm.

  9. What Causes a power outages?
  10. A power outage can happen due to multiple reasons, adverse weather is however the primary cause of a power outage. When lightning strikes or a tree branch falls on electric lines, the power goes out. Sometimes a car accident knocks out a power source leaving us without power for long periods of time. Wild life such as birds and squirrels may make contact with lines causing outages. Excavation can cause damage to underground cables resulting in power outages.